Southern Forest Heritage Museum Research Center

Research Center

In the Research Center are the archives of the Southern Forest Heritage Museum. Archival material includes the Dr. Anna Burns Collection, the Henry E. Hardtner Collections, the World War II Collections, the Camp Claiborne Collections, Crowell Lumber Companies Collections (Crowell & Spencer), the Red River & Gulf Railroad Company Collection and various other photo collections or miscellaneous collections.

To view the museum online archival collections, please click here.

Other archival materials include research done that was developed into new exhibits or publications as the Civilian Conservation Corps, Naval Stores, Caroline Dormon, Camp Claiborne, Henry Hardtner, Dawn of Sustainable Forestry, and Family Life in Sawmill Towns.

Volunteers are needed to help organize these collections and make them searchable, physically and digitally. Please contact us for volunteer opportunities.

To donate to the museum, fill out this form and either mail it with your items or drop it off with your items at the museum. Forms are also provided at the museum too.

Current Museum News

The first event of 2021 for the SFHM will be on April 23rd from 10 AM to 12 PM

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Southern Forest Heritage Museum Research Center
Henry Hardtner - Southern Forest Heritage Museum
Anna Burns Research Center