Southern Forest Heritage Museum Longleaf, Louisiana

Donation and Request Forms

The Southern Forest Heritage Museum & Research Center (SFHM) is a unique place that contains various facets of history of a sawmill town in the south. We are always happy to accept anything your family thinks may be beneficial in helping SFHM tell the story of Long Leaf, sawmill life, the forestry, the railroads of central LA, or World War II. We are also delighted to help anyone researching these subjects and have found something in our digital or physical collections and wish to have copies made to continue using for whatever reason needed. These forms that are linked below are here to help our future donors and researchers to understand our procedures and make things easier for them and us in carrying out these requests.


Thank You!

Any questions, please email (Subject Line: ARCHIVES) or SFHM Director at (Subject Line: ARCHIVES) or call us during working hours at 318-748-8404.



To donate your items to the archives or museum, fill out the Donation Form and either mail it with your items or drop it off with your items at the main office of the SFHM. Forms are also provided at the museum too. These forms MUST BE COMPLETED for your donation to be accepted by the SFHM. Because of backlog in the archives, it will be a while before new donations and collections can be sorted and accessioned correctly and by then memory of its details and whatnot will have faded. Or the person who accepted it is no longer at SFHM and there is no one to ask about the donation. 

A breakdown for the “Copyright” section where the potential donor initials their rights to the SFHM:

            #1 allows the donation to be public and to be used by researchers but the donor has control of it and what it can be used for

            #2 allows the SFHM own everything

            #3 allows the SFHM to own everything if SFHM follows certain requests given by the donor (i.e. has to have a certain description, certain names must be used when talking about, can only be displayed in certain building, etc.)




If you saw anything on our online archives (here) and wish to have your own copy for research or publications, please fill out our Request Form. For copyright reasons on how you use our archives' collections, you must have our (SFHM) permission, and the donor’s if applicable, to use whichever document, book, photograph or object you have chosen.


When filling out the request form, you will be asked to provide the Entry/Object ID number, this will be under the “Description” section and will begin with a year (i.e. 2020 or 2021). The collection name will be under the heading “Collection” under the “Tags” section.