Southern Forest Heritage Museum Research Center

Research Center

In the Research Center are the archives of the Southern Forest Heritage Museum. The archival collections contain various documents, objects, and photographs of the sawmills and sawmill towns particularly of the Crowell family (the Long Leaf Mill—SFHM), railroads and locomotives used in central Louisiana (mainly of the Crowell family), forestry in the South, the lumber industry era and its contributions in World War II. In addition, the Southern Forest Heritage Museum complex is on the National Register of Historic Places, making our buildings and various equipment featured, pieces of the collections too.

To view the museum online archival collections, please click here

Note that not all entries in the archives are public for copyright reasons. Please visit our Research Center to see the physical archives to access the complete collections.


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Our featured Collections:                                               

Southern Forest Heritage Museum Collection                                             Donated by Various 

            The large miscellaneous collections in the archive of SFHM that has accumulated over the years.  It does have sub-collections sorted by subjects, but provenance and donors are unknown.


            Allis Chalmers Catalogs Collection—the manuals of the equipment of Allis Chalmers (in folder Equipment Catalog and Manual Collections)

            Crowell Lumber Companies Collections-- various documents, articles and objects of the Crowell family lumber company that operated from 1892-1969

            Filer & Stowell Catalogs Collection—the manuals of the equipment of Filer & Stowell  (in folders Equipment Catalog and Manual Collections)

            Red River & Gulf Railroad Company Collections—showcases various documents, photographs, and equipment of the RR&G

            South Rapides Chronicle—excerpts of articles on various subjects from this localized newspaper (Not available online) 

            World War II Collections—miscellaneous WWII documents and photographs


Dr. Anna Burns Collection                            Donated by Dr. Anna Burns

            Dr. Anna Burns' research materials on the Civilian Conservation Corps, World War II, and Henry Hardtner.


Naval Stores Collection                                 Donated by Dr. James Barnett                         (Not available online) 

            Naval Stores research materials for the Naval Stores building, exhibit and the book "Naval Stores: A History of an Early Industry Created from the South's Forest." 


Camp Claiborne Collection                        Donated by Various

            Camp Claiborne history and physical location in various photographs, documents, and objects. In conjunction with the Camp Claiborne Exhibit and Museum on SFHM.


            Rhodes Brothers Collections—accumulated artifacts, documents, and photographs on Camp Claiborne of the Rhodes brothers: Douglas, Russel, and LV.   (Partial online in Camp Claiborne collection)


Everett Lueck Collection & Research                       Donated by Everett Lueck

            The personal collection of archival materials and research by Lueck.


Photo Collections                                                        Donated by Various

The various collections of SFHM that are strictly photographs

                         Louis Saillard Collection                                         Donated by Louis Saillard                   

                         Photographs taken by Saillard; Saillard has also donated various documents and objects as well and these are in other folders

                         Albert (A. E.) Brown Collection                                Donated by Everett Lueck                 

                        Photographs of the railroads and locomotives in central Louisiana taken by Brown. There are some of Brown’s photographs in other collections as they were donated by different donors.

                         Cecil Cook Photo Collection                                     Donated by Everett Lueck and Cecil Cook          

                        A railroad and locomotive enthusiast’s photographs from all over Louisiana and Texas.

                         Maratha Faye White Collection                                 Donation Unknow n

                        A collection of photographs donated by the White family, in relation to the general manager, H. A. White, of the Red River & Gulf Railroad. H. A. White took or was in various photos while working for the Red River & Gul Railroad.

                         Cecil Gill Photo Collection                                         Donation Unknown

                        Railroad and locomotives photographs taken by Gill 

                        Connie Chenevert Photo Collection                           Donated by Connie Chenevert 

                       Photos of her grandparents (Aaron and Ara Jackson) and her parents (Percival and Frazier Bell) at Long Leaf. Also has snap shots of life at Long Leaf for the workers' family.


The Tony Howe Collection                               Donated by Everett Lueck and Tony Howe         (partial)

            A mix of documents, photographs, and objects owned and/or donated by Howe. (3 in folder Equipment Catalog and Manual Collections)


Philip C. Wakeley Collection                                     Donated by Susan W. Bowers

            The personal library and works of Wakeley, of the Southern Forest Experiment Station of the U.S. Forest Service that led the research effort to develop reforestation procedures.

Henry Hardtner Collection
Anna Burns Collection
Crowell & Spencer Lbr Co
Crowell & Spencer Lbr Co Collection
CCC Collection